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Bitcoin Miners to Hardfork According to Circulating Rumors


The blocksize debate has been brought to the forefront once more as a number of Bitcoin developers, including Gregory Maxwell, CTO of Blockstream and Mark Friedenbach, Core Tech Engineer at Blockstream, came out against the Hong Kong Consensus, arguably the most important document in Bitcoin's history since the whitepaper.

According to what may be a leak of an alleged meeting between pools and miners representing more than 75% of hashpower, consensus has been reached to hardfork to 2mb if Bitcoin Core developers do not release a new Bitcoin Core client with a 2MB hardfork code by August the 1st 2016.

The above is unverified. We have reached out to seek confirmation and are informed that the statement is just a guess from the poster who is unknown, but it is not clear whether his guess is correct or otherwise. However, it is known that miners are on the move following comments by at least three prominent Bitcoin Core developers that the hardfork has no chance of being merged.

The clearest indication that something is afoot came from the uncharacteristic publication by HaoBtc, the most powerful supporter of Bitcoin Core, of an article calling for clarification regarding the Hong Kong Consensus.

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