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FBI Explains Why It Redacted The 911 Transcript – "Simply Put, You Can't Handle The Truth&q

•, Tyler Durden

Simply put, "you (America) can't handle the truth," as the bureau argued that letting the public hear or even read the gunman's justification for the attack in his own words risked encouraging further attacks.

As The Intercept reports, doing nothing to advance the heated political debate over what combination of factors might have prompted Omar Mateen to open fire inside a gay nightclub in Orlando last week, the FBI on Monday refused to release the audio or a full transcript of the gunman's phone conversations with the police during the attack.

Although it is impossible to say what was left out — and the timeline refers to more than 29 minutes of conversations that are only very briefly summarized — it is worth noting that no part of the summary released by the FBI refers to any comments Mateen might have made about hatred of the LGBT community.