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'Out Is Out': Schäuble Warns of Single Market Access in Event of Brexit


How would the EU respond if the British voted to leave theEuropean Union? German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has stated that he rejects a further deepening of integration in Europe. "In response to Brexit, we couldn't simply call for more integration," the politician, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union, told SPIEGEL in an interview. "That would be crude, many would rightfully wonder whether we politicians still hadn't understood." Even in the event that only a small majority of British voters reject a withdrawal, "we would have to see it as a wakeup call and a warning not to continue with business as usual," Schäuble said.

The British will head to the polls on June 23 to vote on whether their country will remain a member of the EU. Opinion polls currently show a neck-and-neck race, with the outcome of the vote still completely open.