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Iraqi Parliament Chaos as Thousands Protest Outside


Thousands of demonstrators took to the area outside Iraq's parliament, demanding reform as the legislative body attempted, and failed, to have an orderly session regarding the proposed new technocrat cabinet.

Prime Minister Hayder Abadi's arrival caused a considerable ruckus, as MPs opposed to his cabinet threw water bottles at him and hollered "treachery" for nearly two hours, until the early session was ended. This also saw the removal of all reporters, for "security," amid reports that the protesters had entered the Green Zone.

The reporters weren't the only ones expelled, however, as a number of the anti-cabinet MPs were forbidden from attending the later session of parliament, nominally because they were causing too much disruption. In this later session, five of the 16 cabinet candidates were voted in, though whether this is ultimately legal will be a matter of considerable debate since the expelled MPs didn't get to vote.