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Last Chance to Buy Tickets for 'Dine Under the Stars with Tonopah Rob's Fresh Farm' on M

• Tonopah Rob

 I would like to encourage you to bring a friend or two and come on out and have a real nice dinner and spirits.  Also, the question has been asked, if you can bring your own drink other than the fantastic brews and yes, bring your own bottle of wine or whatever you want to drink.  Andi is going to make home-made lemonade from the farm, using organic sugar, well water and of course the Scottsdale Brewery will be serving up their spirits.  Here is the link to pay online.

Remember the farm stand and all selling locations will be closed this weekend for the dinner.  Dig into your pocket-book or whip out your credit card and call in your tickets.  Remember, some of the proceeds will be donated to UMOM a non-profit organization to help train folks in the culinary industry…so please step up and give back to the farm and community. It is really worth the effort.

If you have any old dishes you want to bring to the farm this week, we can use more dishes.  Plates, bowls, flatware, glasses. And still looking for more weed pullers and volunteers.

Here's the itinerary for the dinner.  Semi Casual dress.  3:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. for the happy half hour.  Around 4:30 Rob will introduce the Chef Wolfe and Wilson and they will announce the dinner menu.  John Woodgate from UMOM will speak on behalf of his non-profit organization.  Mike Ewens will tell you about the breed of cattle he raises and has donated for the dinner.  Doug Ledger will explain the different brews for the dinner.  By 5 p.m. Tonopah Rob will give a brief tour of the farm returning around 5:30 and yes take your drinks with you.  Around 5:45 dinner will be served, followed by a delicious dessert of tangelo sorbet ice cream and tangelo pound cake.  During dessert, Farmer Rob will tell the story and demonstrate the The Bee Story, "The Queens Journey".  Happy last two hours will begin after The Bee Story.  It's going to be a great night, so please get on your good duds and come on over for an awesome night of dining under the stars.

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