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You Stopped Mass Murder- February Report

• LewRockwell

Many people were at risk in the stories this month.  Armed citizens like you saved lives until the police could come and make an arrest.  You did it, and the media never gave you credit.

Let me say, "Thank you!"  Here are a few of the news stories since I reported in mid-January.

You saved lives in a shopping mall.

22-year-old Matthew Willhite was carrying his handgun concealed as he does every day.  This day he was with his girlfriend in a sopping mall in Anchorage, Alaska.  It was an ordinary day.. until a mall security guard approached another man and told him to stop.  The man was being detained for shoplifting.  The shoplifter was armed, and the shoplifter drew his gun and pointed it at the security guard.  The guard pushed the gun away and the two men struggled.

Matthew Willhite heard the security guard yell "Gun, gun, gun!" and then yell for help.  Willhite pulled his own firearm and pointed it at the armed thief.  Willhite said "that I had a gun and he should drop it, and he eventually saw (the 45).  Once he dropped (his) gun, the security officer handed it to me, so I kicked it behind me and kept (my gun) on him until the security officers put handcuffs on him."  Willhite said he had his gun at "an angle where he could see me, but nobody else (behind him) was going to get hurt."