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Allergy Sensitivities / Farm to Table Dinner / Veggie List 1/19/16 / Market Locations

• Tonopah Rob


Snowball Cauliflower is nearly ready for pickin'.

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a lady whom had been searching for a place where she could purchase produce that did not use sprays or chemicals and my farm popped up on her google search.  She said, "I've been searching for some time now, looking for a chemical/spray free farm. I've tried several other local farms and every time I've eaten something from those farms, I became ill, causing some kind of allergic reaction sending me into anaphylaxis, it was so bad, I was very ill for days".

The symptoms she explained to me are very scary and life threatening.  As she continued to explain the severity of her condition, I was shocked by what I was hearing.  She spends almost all of her days and nights secluded inside her home.  My first thought was this lady is crazy, a hypochondriac. And I'm sure many a person reading this may think the same thing, but let me explain to you…these symptoms are very real, can be deadly and can certainly stop a person from enjoying and living a normal life.  Over the past month, I've been doing a lot of research about these types of allergies and I was blown away by the information.

Corn is widely used in a myriad of materials. These products are literally destroying lives, causing people to be house bound, limiting their daily movement and are starving because they cannot consume food that has been in contact with those products.  These special needs people live in every state within our nation and are so desperate for real food. On one allergy group alone, there are around 4000 people whom suffer from many different types of food and latex allergies.

One side effect causes the tongue and throat swell, blocking the airway which can cause suffocation and then death if not quickly treated. Eyeballs can inflate, leaving the person sightless from a few hours to several days. Severe skin rashes, headaches and muscle fatigue are just a few of the other physical reactions one undergoes. I'm sure every person reading this has experienced a horrible headache at one time or another in their life. Imagine sustaining this kind of headache, tongue swelling or severe rash on a regular basis.

After my initial phone conversation the lady whom has been searching for real food, called me back a few days later with so much excitement and joy because she was able to eat an orange for the first time in years, oranges from my farm.  "My doctor told me, if I don't eat, I'm going to die, but there is very little I can consume because I become so ill from the food…your produce is the first I've been able to eat without any kind of reaction", she said.  "The fear I go through when I take a bite of food….it's horrible, I never know what to expect."

"For the most part, people don't care what they eat as long as they are healthy but when a person becomes ill, they begin to care and sometimes it's too late, the damage has been irreversibly done, so the best thing to do is prevention and eating organic is not the solution. Eat an all natural diet, stay away from corn and corn byproducts," another new allergy sensitive person said.  My response to this…all natural is better than organic.   I've always known, it's not who you are, it's what you eat that builds a strong immune system, it gives a person a glow about their skin and the whites of their eyes have a bright sparkle.

If you have allergy sensitivities and need help finding a pure food source, my farm is here for you. We now offer weekly shipping all across the lower 48 states.  We began shipping for the first time January 11, 2016.  We had a very successful first week shipping to six different states including Washington, D.C. If you have any questions, you can call or email Tonopah Rob.  All the information is on the shipping and ordering page.


It's salad season, sweet Red Cherry Belle Radishes.

Tonopah Rob is excited to host the second annual "Dine under the Stars" farm to table dinner.  The menu will come from the farm.   All produce will be freshly picked and prepared the day of the dinner. Prior to the dinner, there will be a guided tour of the farm and new Aquaponic Greenhouse.   The farm dinner will be prepared by Chef Chris Wolf and Executive Chef and owner of the Arizona Culinary Institute, Robert Wilson.


Pigs in a blanket, anyone?  Baby Green Cabbage!

The date will be March 19, 2016.  The cost for the dinner is $100.00 dollars per plate. Seating is limited to the first 100 guests.  For more information contact Tonopah Rob at .  Tickets go on sale this weekend.  You can come to the farm to purchase your tickets, send a check or call to pay by credit card.  to Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm.  Don't miss out on a fun filled night of great food and spirits.

There are three market locations open this weekend:

The Farm Stand. Saturday from 8 to noon

Penlina Farmers Market. Saturday from 9 to 1 p.m.

Estrella Mountain Farmers Market. 10 to 2 p.m.

Here's the veggie list:



Tonopah Salad Mix – semi spicy greens mix

Lettuce Heads

Spinach – (on sale at the farm stand, fill your own bag for $3.00/lb

Assorted Beets

Salad Sweeties



Pink Lemons


Pink Grapefruit


Watermelon Radishes

Salad Radishes

Onions w/chive greens

Red Stem Turnips

Green Cabbage

Bell Peppers

one crooked carrot

a surprise or two