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Texas businesses prep for new open carry gun law


Texas has a new open carry gun law on its books set to take effect on New Year's Day.

It permits Texans with concealed handgun licenses to now carry their holstered weapons in plain view.

But the law will still ban handguns from certain public places including churches, hospitals, correctional facilities, and some places where alcohol is served or sold.

Businesses also have the option to ban customers from openly carrying handguns by posting signs outside stores. Gun holders who ignore those signs risk violating state trespassing laws and would face penalties and fines.

Here's a breakdown of how some companies are choosing to act:

Whole Foods

Whole Foods (WFM), which is headquartered in Austin, Texas, does not welcome firearms into its stores.

"As a private retailer; we have opted not to allow firearms on the premises except for store security," Whole Foods spokesperson Michael Silverman told CNNMoney in an email. He said that has been the policy since the company was founded.

He added that all Whole Foods locations in Texas will have updated signage addressing the new open carry law by January 1.

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H-E-B, a popular grocery chain based in San Antonio, will continue to allow concealed handguns, but it's not allowing visible carry at its stores.

"We've always asked our customers to conceal their weapons," H-E-B spokesperson Dya Campos said. "The only difference now is that we have to post signage."