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ObamaTrade Is ObamaCare, But With More Coercion

• LewRockwell

The President is not even pretending to allow any freedom of choice with ObamaTrade, aka the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

ObamaTrade is to trade what ObamaCare is to medical care: a bureaucratic monstrosity.

It is 5,544 pages long — 3,500 pages longer than ObamaCare. This is a 5,544-page hunting license for unelected, tenured international bureaucrats to bring lawsuits against American companies.

It does not take 5,544 pages of legalize written by international lawyer-bureaucrats to obtain free trade. What it takes is for legislatures to reduce tariffs and import quotas. That is all it has ever taken: a willingness of politicians to stop passing laws that insulate inefficient domestic producers from foreign competitors who better satisfy the demand of residents of a nation. This is what I wrote in 1969. I have not changed my mind.