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Farm Vendor Market / Veggie List 11/7/15 / Farm Tour - Tonopah Rob

• Tonopah Rob


Pictured above is the first year Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm opened in the year 2000. 


Here is the farm stand after it was built-in summer of 2006.  

It's hard to believe November is here and the farm stand is opening for its new fall season. Tonopah Rob has invited several superb vendors to help celebrate the new season.  Alaskan salmon, grass-fed beef, jams and jellies, breads and pastries, Tupperware and other products will be available at the farm stand along with a whole veggie list of veggies.

It's been a really tough year, the toughest of all.  Nearly losing the farm and house, so many generous people have stepped up and have either volunteered their time on the farm, making financial contributions or both…thank you so much, consider yourself hugged by your favorite farmer and with that said, the farm will once again replenish the tables at the farm stand with a great array of produce and will only get better as the season continues.


Come get your beautiful Sunflower bouquet at the farm stand this weekend.

Join the guided farm tour given by Tonopah Rob.  There is a five dollar per person contribution for the tour regardless if you are a CSA member or not.  The first and only tour of the day will begin at 10:30 a.m. and will take about one hour maybe a little longer depending on the uniqueness of the questions.  Many of the plots are looking beautiful, so many flowers. Come see the chickens and turkeys, so bring the kids, your one garden question and come join Tonopah Rob for a really cool tour of the farm and pineapple nursery.

Fall peppers grown on Tonopah Rob's farm

Fall peppers at the farm stand, come and get'em…

Don't forget to return your blemish free egg cartons, bring your shopping bags and grab as many red plastic shopping baskets and shop the market, fill that basket full of bell peppers and speaking of the market here is the veggie list:


Assorted Bell Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers

Summer Squash

Butternut Squash


Red Onions

Fresh Eggs


Salad Sweeties

Tonopah Salad Mix


Basil Bouquets

Fresh Flower Bouquets

Frozen Heirloom Bags of Tomatoes

Cut and freeze bell peppers for later use.  At the farm, the chef uses peppers in egg dishes, chili, spaghetti sauce, soups and stews and so much more.  Stock up on your fall peppers.

One important thing….Tonopah Rob will not attend the Sun City Grand Farmers Market this month. All customers must come to the farm to get their produce.  

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