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A world with no IRS? Really?

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Abolish the IRS!

That's what four Republican presidential candidates want to do.

Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee have all said they would so radically simplify taxes that they would put the IRS out of work.

Under his tax reform proposal, Cruz even said filing one's taxes will involve nothing more than "a postcard or iPhone App."

A single postcard-size form does sound simple. But processing and verifying the information on 140 million of them sounds ... well, a lot less so.

"You may not like our tax system. But getting rid of the IRS doesn't get rid of the need to administer our tax laws," said Martin Sullivan, chief economist at the publisher Tax Analysts.

Someone's gotta collect the money

The candidates themselves seem to tacitly acknowledge the need for a tax agency even if it's called something else. They've sometimes softened their rhetoric, saying they'd "end the IRS as we know it" or "abolish it and replace it."

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The only way that the IRS thinks that anyone might be required to file a return, or might owe taxes, is if someone informs them of such. You can make money all day long, and if nobody ever tells the IRS, you will never owe taxes, or be required to file a return.

When someone suggests to the IRS that you might have taxable income, the IRS will inform you that you need to file a return or otherwise pay your taxes.

When the IRS get serious about you, the way they do it is to file a complaint against you. They would take it to a court, except that they have been granted blanket court action ability, so that it is like they have taken you to court already.

The way to respond is to write letters to them demanding their information upon which they made their complaint. Include a request that asks for the interest that they have in your money.

After you have all the info that they send you, file a man to man claim against them, requiring that they show how you have harmed them or damaged their property that you owe them money. When they don't provide a man that has firsthand knowledge, they lose their claim or complaint.

Usually they have already stolen property from you. Your claim needs to be for the return of your property, plus damages for your loss of time and expenses. If you don't know how to do it, or what you are doing, you will probably lose.

Listen to Karl Lentz to understand how it is done.

While you watch these videos, take a look at all the other Karl Lentz videos that Youtube offers. Watch any others that interest you.

Then Youtube search on "Karl Lentz common law" for even more.

Part of the point is, our government people and those running for government office are all lying to you. They can't make you liable for income-like taxes. It is against the Constitution. All they can do is offer you the option, or collect the tax indirectly through the States, or Federal corporations.

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