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Marijuana Momentum in Mexico

• The Daily Bell

Judges will vote on whether to declare unconstitutional parts of a federal health law prohibiting the growth and consumption of marijuana after a nonprofit group filed an injunction against a 2013 decision by health regulator Cofepris. The hearing is set for Oct. 28, according to documents on the supreme court's website. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Cannabis will never be legalized around the world. It's too dangerous.

Free-Market Analysis: We've been covering the momentum for cannabis legalization most recently in Canada where Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau claimed the office of Prime Minister with a platform that includes legalizing cannabis. Now comes word that Mexico's highest court will consider the issue of legalization.

A decision in favor of legalization would have a significant negative impact on Mexico's cartels. The Weedblog points out that Arizona, Nevada, and California may vote to legalize adult use of marijuana in 2016 and this along with Mexican legalization would undercut a good deal of cartel revenue.

Other reports regarding the upcoming decision have emphasized the limited nature of what is taking place. Marijuana Business Daily reports that, "Optimism should be tempered, however, as the business impact would be minimal, and a pro-legalization ruling is no guarantee."