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A Drone Company Sued the FAA and Now the FAA Is Fining it $1.9 Million


The FAA says in at least 65 instances, SkyPan International flew "unauthorized operations in some of our most congested airspace and heavily populated cities, violating airspace regulations and various operating rules. These operations were illegal and not without risk."

The FAA says a majority of the flights were in New York City's airspace. The company's website advertises flights it has done in Manhattan.

There are many peculiar things about the FAA's case against SkyPan, a company that has been conducting photography from both manned and unmanned aircraft for 27 years. Earlier this year, the FAA expressly granted the company permission to fly drones commercially.

Also of note: SkyPan is currently suing the FAA, alleging that the agency doesn't have the authority to make drone operations illegal without enacting formal drone regulations. Earlier this week, the FAA officially missed a Congressionally mandated deadline to enact those regulations.