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Ten Non-Power Tools That Will Help Long-Term After An EMP


An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a formidable weapon in the hands of a foe. After the blast of an EMP, you automatically enter a world without electricity for an indefinite period of time. With China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran currently working on EMP weapons, it's a good idea to be prepared for life without electricity.

Many other articles out there detail the basic survival supplies that you are going to need to live life "in the rough", but very few of them tackle the subject from a long-term perspective. Should an EMP attack happen, what tools are you going to be left without? Your power tools most likely aren't going to work, yet you're still going to need tools to keep your home/camp/shelter in shape. What do you need?

Read on for a list of 10 non-power tools that will help you to survive long-term after an EMP.

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