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The world's smallest drone gets ready to take flight

•, By Zach Epstein

The remote-controlled airborne devices were once expensive tools reserved for businesses with a real need for them. Construction companies, for example, used them to survey and film sites, while video companies used them to capture aerial footage at a fraction of the cost of renting a helicopter.

Today, you can walk into any toy store, spend less than $50 and leave with a recreational drone in your shopping bag.

Drones have flooded the market to the point that it's getting difficult to distinguish between them, but one company is getting ready to launch a drone that you won't soon forget: Meet the world's smallest quadcopter.

Crowdfunded products often fail to actually make it to release, but the Aerius drone by Axis Drones was successfully funded some time ago. It is now less than a month away from launch, and production has apparently gone so well that the device can still be preordered for delivery ahead of the holidays.