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Jackalope Community Communications Intranet


Good morning! I suspect that some of y'all out there have a bone yard of old electronics & computer equipment. JackNet is looking for some WiFi routers to use for prototyping / testing. Specifically we are looking for routers that will support the open source firmware DD-WRT. Here is a link to a list of devices that support DD-WRT. If you have unused / unwanted router(s) and are willing to donate / loan those to JackNet please check the list of supported devices and drop me a line if you have stuff to contribute to the effort. Thanks!!!

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Comment by BobWiltern
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I have two routers I can contribute. I already have dd-wrt on one of them and the other has Tomato on it but I can load dd-wrt on it for you easily enough. Let me know how I can get them delivered to you and if you need/want me to reload the one that has Tomato on it. Jay