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California marijuana farms at risk as weed smoke could rise from wildfires

• The Guardian

Marijuana farms have been engulfed by California wildfires over the summer as firefighters work to contain blazes across northern California that have already burned through more than 70,000 acres. While the marijuana crops destroyed are unlikely to cause any statewide supply issues, it could drive up some prices, put small farmers out of business – and disseminate a familiar smell.

Hezekiah Allen of the Emerald Growers Association, an association of cannabis growers in California, said a burning marijuana farm would potentially release similar smoke into the air as when a person traditionally smokes. It might smell close to pot, he said, but would be "tainted" because of all the other items and plants like poison oak burning along with it.

A representative from Cal Fire cautioned residents to stay away from high smoke areas – even those that smell like pot – because of other substances being burned.

"Basically, you'd get sick from other things," Allen said. "The residents won't get high."

Allen said wildfire damage "isn't going to have an impact on supplies across the state" but may hit many individual farms and dispensaries hard.