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Guest Post: Living On The Edge When The Grid Fails

•, by A.M.

Pictured is the home-built control center for the three panel system, which is 100 watts. The 300 watt wind turbine can be used for pumping water when hooked to the single battery or it may be used to charge a neighbor's battery for barter.

Control Center – 12V DC fused 15A. Also acts as a battery on/off switch.

A short-run gas generator (110 volt 22 amp) handles the heavy loads when the grid is down and is disconnected from the home wiring. (This is entirely seperate from the solar electric wiring.) The gas generator is used about two hours per month, as I have use of a propane refrigerator, a window box, hand tools, a non-electric heating system, and a camp stove. This greatly simplifies fuel storage for the generator and maintance.

In summer, I have customized this emergency electrical system to meet my expectations and needs. It's not fancy or expensive, but it will allow me to work and live.