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SeaWorld's New Ad Desperately Tries To Convince You Their "Orcas Are Thriving"

• True Activist

Ever since the eye-opening documentary Blackfish was released and consumers become educated on the many dirty secrets of SeaWorld marine parks, the company has been relentlessly trying to win the public back over.

Much of its efforts have come in the form of expensive advertisements, such as SeaWorld's multimedia 'Facts About SeaWorld's Killer Whales' campaign.

As you can view below, the new ad features trainers of the marine park arguing, against all scientific proof, that the whales in captivity are truly well and happy, as well as live longer than orcas in the wild. They maintain that stance despite evidence of a 103-year-old orca, named 'Granny' thriving free and in the wild.

Watch for yourself below: