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Mish Interview on Forbes Mexico: Global Day of Reckoning Awaits


Barba is a follower of the Austrian school of economics. He has also interviewed Jim Rogers, Hugo Salinas Price, Simon Black, Steve Forbes, Jim Rickards, and others.

The interview is below. It is also on Forbes Mexico , in Spanish at Un día del juicio global nos espera: Mish Shedlock.

GB: Mish, you are one of the top financial bloggers in the World, you offer always a different point of view from the mainstream media. Please, tell us about the US economy. Is it good shape or on the verge of a new recession? 

Mish: US GDP contracted at a 0.7% annualized in the first quarter. For discussion, please see First Quarter GDP -0.7%; GDPNow Second Quarter Forecast +0.8%; Economists Get Zero Accolades; Smoothed Recession Odds. I was one of very few who outlined that possibility early, back in January in fact. See Diving Into the GDP Report - Some Ominous Trends