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EarthCruiser FX 4x4 expedition vehicle rolls far off the beaten track

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The EarthRoamer XV-HD wasn't the only all-new earth-shaking expedition vehicle at this year's Overland Expo West. Similarly named competitor EarthCruiser showed the FX, a new simpler, lower-priced Mitsubishi Fuso-based expedition truck with fixed roof.

Adventuring in the EarthCruiser FX

EarthCruiser's new fixed roof saves buyers a bit of money

Adventuring in the EarthCruiser FX

Campsites like these are why some folks choose an off-road motorhome over a less capable RV

EarthCruiser is an Australian-based expedition vehicle company that expanded with a US-based branch in 2012. Since the first production EarthCruiser hit the street and dirt in 2009, the company has become synonymous with expedition vehicles featuring fiberglass camper boxes with electric pop-top roofs.

The electric roof of the EarthCruiser EXP allows owners to easily slide the large off-road motorhome into a standard shipping container – something that's important for getting the vehicle to the far-off places that buyers of such vehicles want to explore – while enjoying an extra two feet (60 cm) of roof height at camp.

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