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Court Hearing Today For 'Off Grid Family' Who Had 10 Children Seized by CPS

•, Paul Joseph Watson

The 'off grid family' who had their ten children seized by police and CPS last week face a court hearing later this morning which will determine whether they get their kids back after almost $40,000 was raised for the family in just the last few days alone.

As we reported on Friday, Joe and Nicole Naugler had their children taken after cops arrived at their 27 acre rural property in Breckinridge County, Kentucky following an anonymous tip about the kids living in "squalor".

"A couple faces a hearing Monday to regain custody of their 10 children, whom Child Protective Services put into foster care Wednesday following a confrontation between their mother and a Breckinridge County sheriff's deputy," reports KMOV.

The Nauglers claim they are merely following a "back to basics" free range lifestyle and are being targeted by authorities due to them living off grid and insisting on following their own education curriculum.