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Wait. What? Hillary calls for 'restoring trust' in politics


Facing a scandal that threatens to capsize her quest to return to the White House, Hillary Clinton debuted her first major policy speech since the official launch of her current campaign. Clinton focused on a call to end "mass incarceration" in America and denounced racial injustice in the legal system, but her focus was on the question of "trust" saying "we must urgently rebuild the bonds of trust and respect among Americans. …Restoring trust in our politics, our press, our markets." That's a pretty tall order for a woman who is now widely distrusted by the American electorate and facing accusations that she and her husband raked in part of their massive fortune through payola from people doing business with her State Department. Remember the last time Clinton spoke in so public a setting in New York, she was explaining that she had destroyed 31,000 emails from her time in office.

It's quite a switch for Clinton to join President Obama and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in anti-imprisonment crusade. Clinton has long heralded the tough-on-crime policies of her husband's administration – laws credited with helping to end the bloody drug turf wars of the 1990s but blamed for a booming black prison population. Under the Clinton administration, federal prosecutors stepped up drug prosecutions and today, and today most federal inmates are behind bars for drug offenses. Facing pressure from her left and a skeptical black electorate, Clinton had no trouble making the reversal.

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Comment by PureTrust
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The reason Hillary wants us to trust in government is, the banking system owns the government through the national debt. The thing that stops the foreclosure is the pledge of income taxes to pay at least the interest payments on the national debt. As more and more people are opting out of the IRS tax system, less and less money is being pledged to pay the interest and principal to the banks.

This doesn't really matter since everything is fraudulent anyway. The default on the national debt will only serve to destroy the banks and the Government. They might send the military. But in the end, they don't have interest in our land and other property. So, they will fail.

Just the same. If Hillary can keep us from opting out, even if it means a loss of some of the income, the pledge still remains. If we ever want to drag the system back into the little bureaucracy that it is supposed to be, it will have to do with reducing the income tax pledge as well as the income tax.

Listen to Youtube "141 - Karl Lentz - IRS at Court. Talk man to man. Right to confront your accuser." -