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Connected Collar tracks and trains Fido


That's the aim of Dogtelligent's new Connected Collar. The collar is designed to help individuals train and track their dog, as well as manage its activity and health.

There are already dog collars on the market that provide some of the functionality that the Connected Collar offers. The FitBark, for example, uses motion sensors to track a dog's activity, whilst the PetPace monitors canine health, with metrics including body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, activity level, calories burned and body position.

The Connected Collar, meanwhile, aims to provide a number of useful functions in one. Coupled with accompanying Dogtelligent mobile mobile and computer apps, the device can be used to carry out training exercises with the user's dog, show its location, send alerts if it wanders out of a predefined area, and keep a record of how much exercise it's getting as compared to what's required.