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Unearthed: A 1995 Video of a Youthful Obama Speech


A professionally shot video of Barack Obama from 1995 has recently surfaced.  Shot at the Cambridge, Mass. Public Library, the video captures a skinny, youthful Obama promoting his then newly released memoir, Dreams from My Father.

In this hour-long presentation, Obama openly talks about his relationship with his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist and pornographer.  Perhaps more importantly, Obama gives us a much clearer picture of who he was in 1995, on the cusp of his political career, than we had seen before.

Some observations..

The Obama of 1995 was not a firebrand, at least not on the surface.  He presented himself to the small, roughly half-black Cambridge audience as an optimistic, easy-going liberal.  In the question-and-answer session, he distinguished himself from the more obviously angry black professor Cornel West.  "Cornel West has to go back to his Bible.  Got to have faith," said Obama in a black accent almost as cringe-inducing as the one Hillary rolls out on occasion.  In fact, Obama turned that accent on throughout the presentation, especially when answering questions from black women.