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Building a Community Compost?


It is about ½ acre and produces approximately 500 lbs of fresh produce a year, all of which goes directly back into the community. Urban farming has many obstacles to overcome, but surviving in a densely populated area also has its benefits. Cities have a lot of people and in return A LOT of food scraps. Unfortunately, Washington, D.C. does not have a city composting system and because of this community members need to figure out what do with their food scraps. There are great companies out there such as Compost Cab, which will pick up your food scraps for a small price per week (the last time I checked it was around $8), but with a lack of a yard and money most individuals tend to  just throw their food scraps away. We decided as a farm that we needed the community as much as they needed us in the composting war. We were spending money to ship in compost from outside the city and the community needed a better option than throwing away their food scraps or paying to have them picked up.