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15 Everyday Items That Cost a Fortune


#15. Gold Shirt, $250,000

This gold shirt, which weighs around 6.6 pounds, was purchased by an Indian man named Datta Phuge. He explained this action by the huge desire to have a success among women. Except for the shirt, Mr. Phuge also got a lot of jewelry made out of the gold leftovers.

#15 Gold Shirt, $250,000

#14. Gold Flake Toilet Paper, $1,300 000

Well, this is a real luxury! What used to be the subject of the pranks, now is the subject of rich people's desire. However, the idea of gold flake toilet paper seems a little weird. Do you wonder how many rolls have already been sold?

#14 Gold Flake Toilet Paper, $1,300 000

#13. Bottled water: $60, 000

"Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani" is the name of the most expensive bottled water in the world. The golden bottle of 750 ml costs $60, 000. It is the mixture of the water from Fidji, French sources and Iceland glacier. The design of the bottle was created by Fernando Altamirano.

#13 Bottled water: $60, 000

#12. Hot Dog, $2,300

Even though there are taco and burritos, nothing can outshine the fame and success of hot dogs. Even the largest and the most expensive hot dog in the world can't do that! And you know why? Because that's what people love about hot dogs: that you can fill your stomach with something tasty for $2-3.

#12 Hot Dog, $2,300

#11. Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen, $1,470 000

"Aurora" is a famous Italian writing instruments and paper manufacturer that is devoted to the old tradition of producing. This particular pen is an exclusive item: the company only makes one such pen in a year. You must have already guessed that the whole pen is covered with diamonds: 30-carat De Beers ones.

#11 Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen, $1,470 000

#10. Popcorn, $250 Per Gallon

The next time you go to the movies, take an extra $250 in case you'd like to buy some really fine popcorn. The creators of the popcorn sprinkled with gold and expensive salt claim that if you order it, you should wear a crown and no one will doubt you deserve that. They have some real good marketing in "Berco's Popcorn," you know…

#10 Popcorn, $250 Per Gallon

#9. Coffee, $600 per Pound

This one might seem a bit disgusting to you, but many rich people would disagree. This coffee is called "Kopi Luwak" and it is famous for a specific way of the beans-processing. The Asian palm civet – another name is toddy cat – has to eat the coffee berries and then excrete them. The digestive processes improve the quality of the beans, reducing the amount of amino acids.

#9 Coffee, $600 per Pound

#8. Socks, $1,200

If your boyfriend or husband keeps losing his socks, perhaps you should buy him this pair. It will be an expensive gift, but your sweetheart hardly will dare to lose one of them. The socks are made of the Vicuna wool, which is really rare. Vicuna is related to the Alpaca and Lama.

#8 Socks, $1,200

#7. Chess Set , $9,800 000

Since Professor McGonagall's chess board is only a fiction, the Royal Diamond chess set is considered to be the most expensive chess set in the world. It is made from gold and platinum and covered with diamonds and various gemstones like rubies and sapphires. It took 4,500 hours to create the set.

#7 Chess Set , $9,800 000

#6. Toothpaste, $300

"Theodent" toothpaste is a revolution in the oral care-at least that is what its producers claim! The toothpaste is famous for unconventional ingredients added to it, like coconut and chocolate. There is even special fluoride-free paste for kids: according to the research children can swallow around 30%-75% of toothpaste while they brush teeth, which can be harmful, if it contains fluoride.

#6 Toothpaste, $300

#5. Book, $30,800 000

Do you feel like you've got nothing to read and nowhere to spend your money? Leonardo da Vinci prepared a solution for you- that man always was ahead of the time! The book that costs $30,800 000 is the Codex Leicester (Hammer) which is the collection of da Vinci's scientific notes.

#5 Book, $30,800 000

#4. Cupcake, $1,060

You can try the most expensive "Golden Phoenix" cupcake in the world in Dubai for a very symbolic price of $1,060. The cupcake is cooked with the addition of the most expensive and qualitative ingredients like chocolate "Amedei Porcelana," famous vanilla from Uganda and edible gold sheets of 23-carat.

#4 Cupcake, $1,060

#3. Sunglasses, $408,500

The luxury Swiss house "Chopard" created a pair of the priciest glasses, breaking all the records set before. The glasses are covered with River diamonds and 24-carat gold. If you want to shine like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Beckinsale, you should definitely buy a pair of these.

#3 Sunglasses, $408,500

#2. Bluetooth Headset, $50,000

In case you are a very successful and elegant business lady, you might need one of these diamond and gold-encrusted Bluetooth sets manufactured by "Platronics." They first became commercially available in 2009. But you still have a chance to buy it: the set will certainly look good with your earrings!

#1. Knife, $39,600

So, if you thought that the sharpest blade in the world is a bad word one can't hold back, you were wrong. Because the sharpest and the most expensive blade is this one made of carbon steel and it is a blade of "Nesmuk" diamond studded knife. The material for a handle is a sterling silver and eight diamonds go as the adornment.

#1 Knife, $39,600#2 Bluetooth Headset, $50,000