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Money Murdered Science

• Craig Roberts

Steel does not, and cannot, behave in the way that the official explanation says.

In the article below, Ryan exposes the NIST account as pseudo-science akin to Lysenko's temporarily successful attempt in the Soviet Union to substitute ideology for genetic science.

Today pseudo-science has exploded. Monsanto and its GMOs rest upon "science" paid for by agri-business. Honest scientists who dispute the faked evidence cannot get funding.

Ryan's interest in pseudo-science was sparked by the false account of 9/11. He lists these six characteristics that indicate pseudo-science:

There is a lack of experiments.
The results of experiments are ignored or contradicted in the conclusions.
There is either no peer-review or peer-reviewer concerns are ignored.
The findings cannot be replicated or falsified due to the withholding of data.
False conclusions are supported by marketing or media propaganda.
Hypotheses that are supported by the evidence are ignored.