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Closed For Spring Planting / Upcoming Markets (Tonopah Rob's)

• Tonopah Rob

baby nectarine trees in bloom

Pictured here is one of several peach trees in bloom on the farm.

It's half way through February and the weather looks and smells like summer is on its way.  Number two greenhouse is full of new  beginnings and it's time to plant them into the ground.  Thousands and thousands of newly sprouted heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and tomatillos are ready to hit the dirt leaving a huge vacancy in the hoop house means new seed trays will be ready to take their place.  The plan is to seed cucumbers, melons, squash; both winter and summer varieties and many other summer staples all this week. There is a lot of weeding that needs to be done and anyone who would like to volunteer please give me a hoot or a holler.

The Almond tree in the back yard is nearly through blooming.  All of us working on the farm have enjoyed her beautiful light pinkish pedaled blossoms and if a slight breeze blows in our direction a strong bouquet fills the air and brings happiness to our work.  Also blooming are the nectarine, peach. apple and just beginning are the apricot trees. Soon, plum trees will sport their tiny white and yellow blossoms.  The pomegranate trees are beginning to leaf out and not long after the leaves mature beautiful strong orange-colored blossoms will don the branches like Christmas ornaments.

almond tree_1

Pictured here is the Almond tree blooming. This old gal is over 40 years old. She is the one standing on the farm.

The farm is converting from winter to spring time and now its ready to plant.  It's impossible for the work staff to harvest for any markets and try to accomplish the amount of intense planting needed to continue with the seasonal growing practices. With that said, February 21, 2015, the farm stand and all market locations Tonopah Rob participates in will be on a small hiatus until the following weekend when the markets reopen for regular business.

The following weekend, February 28, 2015, Tonopah Rob will be selling at the City of Buckeye Farmers Market from 9 to 1 p.m.  More details will follow the next week.  

Good news!  This just in!!  If you are wanting to participate in the Dinner Under the Stars Farm Fund Raiser, here's your chance to win a pair of tickets.  One of my Super Duper CSA members have donated two tickets valued and 300.00 dollars.  To enter; tickets cost 20.00 each or 6/100.00 dollars. All proceeds will help fund the Aquaponic and fruit tree fund. The drawing will be held March 14, 2015.  Send in your check, call in and pay over the phone or come to the farm stand and fill out your tickets.  Thank you Danielle and Derrick!