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Farm-Vendor Market ~ Veggie List 2/7/15 - Tonopah Rob's - Tonopah, AZ

• Tonopah Rob

Hi folks,  It's time for the February Farm Vendor Market.  The veggie list is spectacular. Go to for all the latest details.  It's going to be a fantastic market with lots of sweet delicious vegetables and goodies.  Organic Breads, apple butter, jams and much more.  Get your salmon from Joe the Fish Man.  Being your friends, return your egg cartons and don't forget your shopping bags.  If you can't make it to the farm check out Sun City Grand, all of my veggies will be at the SCG monthly market.  My web site has all the details. Thanks, Farmer Rob

The first harvest of the new year and it's a doozie!!  If you have never had fresh Brussel's Sprouts, I suggest you give'em a try.  They are scrumptious, no bitter flavor, just steam and eat or cut in half and eat them fresh in a garden salad.  These will be donning the tables this coming Saturday at the Farm Vendor market. 

Yepee!!  The Patriots won!!  Well that was yesterday's news….today it's the Farm Vendor Market and Veggie list and for this upcoming weekend and there are a few more new varieties to add to the line-up and they will be listed in the veggie list.

But first, I want to thank all of you whom have supported the farm through the rough times.  It seems like the new year has brought many a new customer and supporters.  I am so very thankful for everyone's support whether it's been financially or physically.  I could still use a few more volunteers to weed and clean veggies but overall, I hope this is to be the year of the farmer and believe me, I need it to be the year for the farmer so I am claiming this year to be the best growing season ever!!!

Don't forget to purchase your Dinner Under the Stars Farm Fund Raiser Tickets.  For more information, type into the search bar fund-raiser dinner tickets.  Tonopah Rob needs about 50 more people to buy tickets for the dinner.  Remember, it's a fund-raiser and all the proceeds will go back into the farm to purchase new fruit trees and finish the aquaponic system.  Be a chap or chapress and get your groove on and purchase a pair of dinner tickets.  Invite your friends and family members to step up and get groovy with it.

Here's the veggie list and vendors:




Watermelon Radishes


Red Salad Radishes




Salad Mix

Napa Cabbage

Romaine Heads

Green Cabbage





Swiss Chard

Tonopah Salad Mix

Collard Greens

Cherry Tomatoes

Daikon Radish


Brussel's Sprouts

and of course a surprise or two

a flock of turkeys, not really.

Vendor List:

Joe the Fish Man- Alaskan Salmon

Desert Pickin's- Breads, jams, sweets and more

Soul Alkemy- Buttermilk soaps

Conrad's Farm- citrus and dates

Big Red's Hot Sauce- 5 flavors of heat

Pierre's Prime Beef- all kinds of cuts of beef


Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm

maybe a surprise vendor or two