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This Guy Hacked an NES Power Glove Into a Sweet Animation Tool

•, By Kyle VanHemert

Markey is an animator for Adult Swim's reliably bizarre stop-motion show Robot Chicken. His toolkit includes one very unique item: A modified Power Glove that wirelessly controls his animation software. The bespoke peripheral is the subject of this lovely short video by LA filmmaker Ava Benjamin.

The origin story: A few years back, Markey was animating a scene, moving from one side of the stage to the other, walking from the stage to his computer and back again. "I remember thinking, carrying this USB-attached numeric keypad all around the stage with me, 'Why don't I just have this on my arm?'" Bingo! For Markey, a childhood Power Glove devotee, the solution was obvious.

With the help of a friend, Markey rigged up a glove that serves as a wireless controller for his animation software of choice, allowing him to navigate frames and capture shots without walking back to his gear. He also outfitted the glove with a clever set of retractable tweezers, secured by magnets, which he uses to tweak the tiny expressions on his characters' faces.