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Charters school are a threat to US security


Gulen inspired charter schools have exploded in this country. there are roughly 144 schools directly connect to Mr. Gulen a Turkish cleric located in Pennsylvania. There are a triple that amount of schools that are affiliate of the US/ Turkish charter school system.

The Gulenist inspired charter carry a few flagship charters as advertisement where they do a fair job there. Over all there educational delivery is very poor for most campuses and they do not cater to special education students needs well at all. they prefer to frustrate parents of the disabled out of there schools rather then to address the needs of the disabled child. The disabled are just too expensive and cut into their budget and dreams of their revive empire.

The schools they set up to "serve " low income children. They buy property receive building grants for schools to build multifunctional building. They have other associative Gulen inspired companies/ campuses so if one campus gets in trouble the klan of Gulenist will take over a and buy them out, while keeping everything within the Gulenist organization. If a school should finally should fail then the building that is now paid for though tax payer dollars is converted into Mosque, Muslim Community Building, medical facilities and strip malls. This organization intends on bulking the unsuspecting American public until they totally destroy it from with in.

Their dream is to rebuild the Ottoman Empire. They hate America because they see it as an extension of the Germanic tribes and the Holy roman Empire that overthrew the Ottoman empire in a surprise attack on September 11, 1638. Like most Islamic religion and through the teaching of Mohammed the profit , it is ok the lie and deceive non Muslims as a means to an end to accomplish a goal. The problem is it is a religion that is flawed because nobody ever ends up being Muslim enough to be truthful to. Do be fooled by these folks as they are laughing there way to the bank and expanding the Islamic religion through charter schools they are setting up world wide. In the US they claim muliticulturalism in and do everything just as most public schools do with out school boards to bother them and there agenda. They are a threat to US and Turkish security over all through the use of their so called charitable organizations. Fitting that the Guls are being called out on Hollows Eve.

Want more info research it yourself and google; Gulen, Turkish charter schools, FBI investigations, raids and scandals.

Other then that any self respecting politician that took a campaign donation from these Gulenist folks should realize their mistake quickly. US Politicians should refund the campaign donation back to the regular public schools in which it was diverted from. The disabled student in special education are really being harmed by the excessive expansion of for profit charter systems. So is the regular student body, since intervention programs are purchased with SpEd funds that are never properly procured in for profit charters and profits are diverted away to special interest.   more at url