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Animal Holocaust at PETA?

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PETA is a much better at being a tax-shelter than an animal shelter. Right on the front page of their website, they boldly include a credit card payment page, guiltlessly begging for donations. While at the same time, the self-proclaimed animal advocates are failing miserably at their jobs. Two years ago, PETA's annual filings became public information. And yet, the 501c3 organization continues to rake in cash, hand over fist. It seem that their marketing campaigns are drowning out reality. Their own data, which is now available to the public, proves that the charity is really nothing more than a killing machine. In fact, several celebrities are even starting to protest PETA. None of them are more popular than Lady Gaga. She recently made a huge donation to one of Howard Stern's favorite animal shelters, as long as he confirmed it wasn't associated with PETA. This isn't just another celebrity publicity stunt either. Gaga actually has a case. Here are the facts: