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When the US Implodes


Europe, Senator Robert Taft warned that it should be ONLY until Europe recovered and could defend themselves, especially Germany which the U.S. and Britain bombed into the stone age and insisted on unconditional surrender rather than letting the General Staff get rid of Hitler and make peace with enough forces to keep the Russkies out. NATO is now an imperial U.S. puppet and Rasmussen, the head of Nato, is the only warmongering Dane since Hamlet's step father! I have argued for years NATO is an atrocity, not a peace keeper.

I'm 77 and was born in Miami in 1937, very Southern on my father's side, but my mother and her large family were all English-Canadians from Hull, England, and Hamilton, Ont. I think most Canadians, like most UN nations, are being forced by the U.S. to go along with these insane wars by threats of withdrawing the nuclear umbrella, by secret extortions and blackmail of leaders [because the U.S. secret police have all kinds of secret tapes and videos of rulers doing naughty things], by bribery of all forms, and by implied threats of worst, including "accidents" by third parties (sub-contracts to Murder Inc. small corps. by the off-book CIA and FBI organizations).