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The Bureaucracy of Building a House

 It was a humble home, without many of the features considered essential in modern homes.  It had no electricity, no furnace, the walls were not insulated, and there was one large room with a wood burning stove in the middle that functioned as a kitchen/dining room/living room/bedroom.

In these simpler times, a man could build a house for his family, the best way he could, with the best means available to him at that time, and be applauded for it as a hard working man taking care of his family.  Fast forward to today and such a thing is not allowed anymore, because the politicians have made it illegal.

Today, if you want to build your own house, you, your architect, or your home builder, are required to comply with thousands of pages of modern bureaucratic rules controlling, regulating, limiting and mandating the way your home must be built

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Comment by Chris Wagner
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as stated "In these simpler times, a man could build a house for his family" If he were to tear it down after the family left. maybe regulations would not be put in place 'By the people'. However greed has set in and one sells an unsafe structure to, lets say you. First rain the roof leaks... I know 'Buyer beware' right? You go back to the person and ask for the roof to be repaired. He says that it is your problem now. What is your next move?

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