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CDC: "HPV Vaccinations Unacceptably Low"

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The CDC is frustrated with national participation rates with the HPV vaccines. Dr Anne Schuchat is a director at the CDC and her press release last week showed a drastic lack of growth in people accepting the HPV vaccine. She said, "Preteens need HPV vaccine today to be protected from HPV cancers tomorrow." But the numbers indicate that the general population isn't convinced. 86 percent of adolescents received at least one dose of a tetanus, diphtheria, and TDAP vaccine. In stark contrast, only about 46 percent of the same age group agreed to an HPV shot. So why aren't people buying in? It might be due to the large shadow of uncertainty cast by Dr. Diane Harper 5 years ago. Dr Harper, a lead researcher for the HPV vaccination, admitted that 90 percent of HPV infections would heal all by themselves within a span of two years. The remaining ten percent would likely develop cancer from the infection, but Dr Harper doubted if those rates were any better than the side effects of th