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Jersey City on verge of Race Riots. Locals CELEBRATE Cop-Killer

Jersey City, New Jersey appears to be on the very cusp of massive race riots after a local hoodlum ambushed and murdered a uniformed Jersey City police officer who was only 23 years old.

Rookie Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago was gunned-down in cold blood while responding to a report of an armed robbery at the Walgreens Pharmacy located at Kennedy Boulevard and Commpunipaw Avenue in that city.

Upon arriving, local hoodlum Lawrence Campbell, who had just stabbed a security guard inside Walgreens and stolen his gun, told a by-stander "Watch the news tonight, I'm going to be famous" then opened fire upon the arriving police car.

Officer Santiago was hit in the head as he was trying to get out of the patrol car, killing him instantly. He never had a chance. His partner and other responding officers returned fire, killing Campbell.

The next day, Campbell's wife was quoted by News 12, New Jersey as saying "He should have taken more [cops] with him" but later apologized for her remarks.

In the meantime, local residents near Campbell's house erected a "memorial" to the killer! Local police took down that memorial on orders from the Jersey City Mayor.

Hours later, those same local residents erected a SECOND memorial to the killer saying if it was taken down, it would simply be put back up!

As all of this was taking place, a local gang "The Bloods" publicly warned of retaliation against the Jersey City Police for their previous shooting of gang member Lavon King, who was wanted, struggled with police while being arrested, and was shot dead after trying to grab a cop's gun.

From my point of view, racial tension in Jersey City appears to at the boiling point between blacks and the cops. This seems likely to explode into widespread violence as each day passes. I live very close to Jersey City. I hope this situation does not escalate.

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