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Deceased Sniper's Bar Fight Claims Against Ventura Fall Apart in Court

•, By Jay Stephenson

"If he really wants to be a man, he drops the case," demanded Bill O'Reilly after Ventura announced his lawsuit against Kyle would proceed after his untimely death last year.

"Why is Ventura a dirtbag?" asked Glenn Beck. (

Despite the chickenhawk finger wagging against Ventura from the likes of Beck and O'Reilly, Kyle's heroic tale of punching out the anti-war veteran and fellow Navy SEAL outside of a San Diego bar in 2006 has proved more fairy tale than fact after the slain sniper's video deposition was aired in court this week.

The lawsuit dates back to Kyle's 2012 book "American Sniper LP: The Autobiography of America's Most Lethal Sniper" when he claimed to have  knocked a celebrity named "Scruff Face" to the ground for bad mouthing the Iraq war and saying in reference to Kyle's unit: "You all deserve to lose a few guys."