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Don't You Dare Criticize Officers For Shooting Dogs, Whines SLC Top Cop

•, J.D. Tuccille

"Evidence shows that the dog was extremely close, in fact within feet of the officer," he insisted, immediately after stating that he wouldn't insert himself into the review of the case.

Well, OK. Let's give him that one. After all, Officer Brett Olsen, the shooter in the incident, had barged into the dog's yard at the time, while searching for a missing child in the neighborhood. He hadn't sought permission, and he apparently made no effort to back out. But he was there.

Then Burbank went on to refer to Olsen as a "seasoned officer" and a "hero" of the Trolley Square mall shooting before getting pissy about the public's angry response to the shooting of Geist. He read infuriated letters suggesting that Olsen deserved the same as he'd inflicted on Geist, and then went on to berate the public at large.