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IPFS News Link • Race Baiting

'The worst race-baiting ads I've ever seen':

  • Radio ads exclusively obtained by MailOnline show how forces loyal to Sen. Thad Cochran used claims of racism to get black Democrats to cross over and cast primary run-off votes against a tea party Republican
  • Ads were paid for by a far-left former marketing executive, and sources say the funds were provided by a super PAC created by former Republican Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour
  • The middle-woman is a preacher and former adviser to Atlanta's mayor who was forced to resign her political post last year after she filed untruthful financial disclosures
  • The ads, heard for the first time here, claim that if Cochran's tea party challenger, Chris McDaniels, were to win the primary, poor black Mississippians would lose food stamps and other government benefits