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Mexican Kingpin El Chapo Guzman's Most Prolific Cocaine Courier Was A 90-year Old WWII Veteran

In 2010 alone, the year before his arrest, Sharp delivered 1,146 kilos of cocaine for Joaqu¨ªn El Chapo Guzm¨¢n¡¯s Sinaloa Cartel in Detroit. In the underground world he was known as Tata, a Spanish children¡¯s word for ¡°grandpa.¡±

Guzm¨¢n, one of three Mexicans on Forbes 2013 World¡¯s Most Powerful People List, was arrested in Mexico in February after 13 years on the run. He is currently in a Mexican high-security prison awaiting trial.

The extraordinary story of Chapo¡¯s most effective American mule was published on June 11 in The New York Times Magazine.

According to Sam Dolnick, author of the 6,000-word story, Sharp¡¯s unorthodox career probably started in the early 2000¡äs. For nearly a decade he managed to avoid detention. He drove a pickup truck many times across the country.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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"In October 21 2011, after a lengthy investigation by DEA’s offices in Detroit, including listening to phone conversations between cartel leaders and Tata, the DEA had his truck stopped by a trooper on a highway near Detroit. A surprised and fragile Sharp, asked: “What’s going on, officer? At age 87, I want to know why I’m being stopped.”" So, did the DEA have a warrant to listen in on these calls? Did they have a warrant to pull over Sharp's truck? Obviously not. Could they have gotten a warrant based upon their listening in on the calls? Obviously, they certainly had time and they have the black robed rubber stamps set up specifically to facilitate such. But they didn't. Why? Instead they order a State Trooper to do an illegal pull over and detain Sharp. Do not answer the question above as to why he was being detained. And then illegally search his vehicle with no cause with a drug dog. And the judiciary approves of their impotent bypassed non-role. Amerika. Place your bets the wiretaps were illegal and part of the NSA. Brought to you by the guys arming the cartels so they can use easy guns as a pretext to seize and prohibit yours. All with the blessings of the black robed pirates those guardians of your Rights. And based upon the reporter whose story you just read complete lack of interest in this don't count of the corporate media to mention Rights and remedies for their infringement either.

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