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Jennifer Jones for AZ House, Legislative District 5 (Quartzsite, AZ)

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To represent La Paz and Mohave Counties at the state level. To preserve the Constitution, and ensure that a government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

General Information

I am a La Paz County Republican Precinct Committeeman, an award winning pet groomer, a breeder and exhibitor of American Pit Bull Terrier show and weight pull dogs. I am married to John Jones and I live in Quartzsite, AZ with our four legged children. I am also a professional artist and I enjoy hobby miniatures. I publish the Desert Freedom Press newspaper, which is distributed free in La Paz County, Lake Havasu City, and Blythe, CA. Read back issues at: and read the current issue at

I believe that the Constitution is as viable and important today as when it was written. Amendments 1-10.

I am pro 1st Amendment and I believe that it extends to minority points of view, including opinions that are unpopular or repulsive if a society is truly free.

I am pro 2nd Amendment and a member of GOA and ACDL

I am pro 4th Amendment and believe the Patriot Act is an abomination that must be repealed and the NSA should not be collecting data on Americans without probable cause. I also believe that searches related to land use and zoning must be based on a warrant.

I am pro 5th Amendment so I am against civil asset forfeiture without due process and a criminal conviction.

I am pro 10th Amendment and believe that Arizona needs advocates in the legislature to protect us from an overreaching and ever expanding federal government.