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Former Supreme Court Justice Wants Constitution Changed

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Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is in favor of significant changes to the Constitution. In a new book, the 94-year-old lays out his vision for a new America. Stevens would abolish the death penalty, limit redistricting of Congressional districts and cap political contributions. His new book is titled "Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution." One of the changes Stevens proposes would require states to participate in Federal background checks for firearm sales. The former justice also proposes to modify the Second Amendment, allowing further federal restrictions on weapons sales. Such a move could completely ban private ownership of guns, a change that is unlikely to pass, Stevens acknowledged. He said, "The purpose is to cause further reflection over a period of time because it seems to me with ample time and ample reflection, people in the United States would come to the same conclusion that people in other countries have."