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1776 Worldwide: The Second Amendment Comes to Mexico

•, Kit Daniels

Pushed to the brink of death in a country collapsing from extreme corruption and crime, Mexican citizens are defying Mexicos anti-gun laws in order to defend themselves against the drug cartels, turning the tide against tyranny and oppression while demonstrating that only gun rights can save society.

Armed with everything from single shot rifles to AR-15s, these ragtag citizens are stopping cartel members who were raping and killing their families, something the Mexican government has failed to do throughout the countrys ongoing drug war which has claimed the lives of over 120,000.

The government has even recently attempted to rein in these militias by asking them to register their illegal firearms and join an "official" police force, but many of the militia members are refusing to do so, knowing that free people who are not centralized cannot be controlled by corrupt government officials.