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Moment federal agents tasered son of last Nevada rancher...

• By Dan Miller and Meghan Keneally and Ryan Gorman
Politicians have compared the standoff to Tiananmen Square

The Bundy family says they've owned the 600,000 acres since 1870 but the Bureau of Land Management says they are illegally grazing

Row began in 1993 when land was reclassified as to federal property after government claimed that they needed to protect a rare desert tortoise

Federal officers swooped in Tuesday with helicopters and snipers

They have reportedly seized around 350 of the 900 head herd 

Tensions escalated after private militias poured in to support the family

A newly-released video has captured the moment a rancher's son was tasered by federal agents and the use of force has today provoked fresh outrage among libertarian groups across the country.

Ammon Bundy, the son of the Nevada rancher locked in an increasingly tense land dispute with the federal government, is shown being shot with a taser and threatened by police dogs.

The confrontation took place Wednesday and was caught on video by Bundy supporters and relatives who got into an aggressive- and at times violent- face off with the officers.

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This might sound silly, but if Bundy owns the land, patent it. If he patents it, it is an act of Congress that has turned it over to him free and clear. If the Feds don't want their "turtles" hurt, they can move them off the land.

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