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Why Is Social Security Stockpiling Bullets?

•, by Elizabeth Nolan Brown
Don’t worry: The SSA isn’t readying a militia. It is not — as the website suggested — preparing for “civil unrest,” nor hatching plans to turn on America’s senior citizenry. The bullets, it turns out, are for agents who investigate Social Security fraud. In a blog post, the agency noted:
Our investigators are similar to your State or local police officers. They use traditional investigative techniques, and they are armed when on official duty.

According to Jonathan L. Lasher of the SSA’s inspector general office, these agents make arrests, execute search warrants and carry .357 caliber  pistols. Most of the bullets — about 590 per agent for the upcoming fiscal year — will be used on the firing range.

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I fully suspect there are at least two things going on here.  These government and quasi-government agencies like DHS, are buying up all this ammo, 1) because it's a way to use taxpayer money, to support the producers of the ammo, AND, 2) to keep this ammo out of the hands of Americans, who they KNOW, by now, are increasingly PISSED OFF, about the Federal Government KLEPTOCRACY, that is literally stealing everything they have, and thus, keeping them enslaved, on the hamster-wheel.  Perhaps, a third explanation is, 3) they wish to protect themselves when Americans have finally had ENOUGH.