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20,000 Megawatts Under the Sea

• arclein
This year, a surprising number of projects are getting under way around the world, helmed not by quixotic visionaries but by hard-nosed pragmatists such as those at aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. So what's changed? It's possible that Verne dreamed up the idea for OTEC to help out Captain Nemo, the protagonist of Verne's deep-sea yarn who needed electricity to power his submarine, the Nautilus – it is the first written mention of the idea. "

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Comment by Ed Price
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Energy problems don't have much to do with energy conversion in all kinds of ways from a variety of sources. What they have to do with is the lack of cleverness in working around Governmental authority that limits and destroys energy retrieval methods in their infancy, all with the goal of maintaining the big energy cartel monopolies.