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Tonopah Rob's Farm Stand Only - Veggie List 3/15/14 - Down and Dirty

• Tonopah Rob

This is a picture of greenhouse number one.  It’s full of cucumbers, tomatoes and squash.  There are roughly 10 thousand transplants waiting for TR’s rich dark soil and sunshine.

Every year Tonopah Rob takes a break from the weekly markets to clean up the farm.  Winter crops are nearly done and both greenhouses are bursting at the seams with thousands of transplants.  It’s time to transition the farm from winter crops into summer.

This week only, March 15, 2014 Tonopah Rob’s Farm Stand will be open from 8 to 1 p.m.

All other selling locations will be closed this upcoming weekend.  These market will be open but Tonopah Rob will not participate this weekend in below mentioned markets.  Here is the list markets:

Goodyear Community Market Mega Market Stock Shop Farmers Market Anthem Farmers Market

You may click onto the above link Directions to the Market for driving directions to Rob’s farm.  Next week all locations will be open for business.

Farmer Rob plowing the field in Tonopah, Arizona

This picture shows Tonopah Rob and Booger the Tractor roto-tilling broccoli leaves and stems into the soil. Incorporating green waste back into the dirt increases under ground microbial activity. In return microbes fertilize the dirt and sweetens the soils soul.

Don’t forget this upcoming week is St. Patrick’s Day.  Come on out and get your cabbage for your corned beef!  Below is the veggie list:

-Brussel’s Sprouts  
-Red Cabbage  
-Green Cabbage
-Golden Beets  
-Red Beets  
-Chioggia (Italian) Beets  
-Assorted Turnips  
-Watermelon Radishes  
-Green Garlic  
-Lettuce Heads  
-Green Romaine Lettuce  
-Swiss Chard  
-Salad Mix  
-A few Asparagus bunches  
-Salad Sweeties  
-Bulk Bags of Veggies  
-A few Red Radicchio Heads  
-A surprise or two and last week Green and Red Celery made the tables  
-Two square wheels-one has a chipped corner

Over the next two weeks Tonopah Rob will need some extra help on the farm.  If you would like to come out and volunteer your time, weed pulling expertise, transplant talents, cleaning veggies or just want to take a dust bath now is the time to sign up and get down and dirty. Please contact Farmer Tonopah Rob by phone or email.  623 386 3033 or .

Farm tours are available this weekend. There are two special times this Saturday.  First tour begins at 9:30 a.m. and the second tour begins at 11 a.m.  Come on out and take a guided walk around with Tonopah Rob.  There are many examples to see how Rob plants to create bug confusion and bug warfare.  It’s highly recommended to wear tennis shoes, hiking boots, a hat and bring water.  There is a small fee for the tour.  3.00 per person, 5.00 per couple or 10.00 per family.  Group tours are 20.00.  The hike takes about 75 minutes, maybe a little longer depending on conversation and insect identification.

Also, Tonopah Rob is now offering his pure well drinking water. The fee is 1.00 per gallon or one dollar per drinking bottle.  No jugs larger than a five gallon bottle and limited to 10 five gallon jugs.

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