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Residents concerned over mysterious camera in their neighborhood

•, By Jill Monier
You'd want to know who put it there, who is it watching, is it watching me, right?
That's what one Phoenix neighborhood went through recently.

FOX 10 got to the bottom of who installed the camera, but that only led to even more concerns from neighbors about their privacy.

When the residents in one Phoenix community saw the camera pop up on a street light pole in their neighborhood, they started asking questions.

"There it was, this box with this Plexiglas front with what looked like a camera lens sticking out," said Alex Holman.

Holman first saw the camera on a city light pole in January and he took photos of it.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Sounds like bullshit to me.  Is there an APS employee living in the direction of the camera? I was surprised it took so long for someone to scale the pole and attach a sign or spray the lens cover. 

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