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Oregon vaccination rate may increase as result of new law, health officials say

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Oregon leads the nation in the percentage of kids entering kindergarten with non-medical waivers for one or more vaccinations. State health officials hope a law taking effect March 1 changes that by requiring parents to get the facts before opting out....

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Comment by Ed Price
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There IS a lot of false information out there. It would be interesting to compare the number of people who follow the medical and die, against the number who follow the snake oil dealers and die. However, even if there were a way to garner truthful information about both groups, you would never see that truthful info, because the media is being paid to be biased in favor of the medical.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Your future possible participation in a mandatory vaccination program will be illegal. If implemented it will violate the conventions of various constitutions, charters, and oaths, (doctors) including international law.

If you participate in a coming mandatory vaccination program, you could be logged for eventual legal prosecution.

Do not assume that the legal protections afforded you via 'International Emergency', 'Martial Law', or 'War Times Act', will protect you. The doctors under the Nazi regime used the same justifications under a 'War Time Emergency'.
They were the first ones to be tried and prosecuted during the Nuremburg Trials.

Respect the free will of the people including yourself given us by our Lord and Creator not to be forced vaccinated.